About us

Juliuswits is a professional sales person ( A leader in the field of life insurance), full-time student of life, Neuroscience, metaphysics,  admirer of the human spirit, and have been recognized by many as “one of the most popular personal development blogs.”  Through their blog, books, courses and coachings. he teaches proven strategies for finding lasting happiness, success, love and peace.

The goal of this blog is to give you the tools to identify and transform the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.  Currently the site contains over 800 articles on happiness, universal laws, the mind, productivity, emotional intelligence, relationships, motivation and general self-improvement, and has attracted over 20 million page views and 10 thousand subscribers since its inception in 2016.

Julius shares a great passion for inspiring others to live to their fullest potential, and he honestly feel best when he teaches and inspire others to be their best.  He started his blog with the intention of inspiring as many people as possible, and he works passionately every day to fulfill this intention through the thoughts and ideas he shares both online and in classes also one on one.

Here at “juliuswits.com” our goal is to help YOU think well, feel well, and live well.  We do our best to fulfill this goal by writing insightful, personal development articles every day to give you the tools you need to thrive.  we get this information from the most success people ever lived and those who are still living on the planet today and combine it with our own to make it more clear and easy for everyone to understand and use.