Be strong enough to let go and wise enough to wait for what you deserve.

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Be strong enough to let go and wise enough to wait for what you deserve.

Stop trying to change the people you love and change yourself! Stop trying to change people who take your money but will not take your advice. You will only drain your own mental, spiritual, emotional and financial reserves. The truth is…people change when they are sick and tired of being sick and tired or hit rock bottom.

If you are dealing with addiction or irresponsible behavior from grown adults ~ protect your wallet and your mind. It does not mean you do not love them. Your attempts to help may only delay what is inevitable. Allow them to take the journey they have chosen for themselves. Choose to let go of the guilt and be at peace. You may require counseling or emotional support to stop being an enabler. If necessary, give yourself some distance so that you can stop being used or manipulated because they know that you care and you love them. You have the right to enjoy a guilt-free, happy and productive life. Commit yourself to changing the only person you really can.
Be strong enough to let go and wise enough to wait for what you deserve. If you have to choose between being kind and being right, choose being kind and you will always be right.

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A Dish of Ice Cream

In the days when an ice cream sundae cost much less, a 10 year old boy entered a hotel coffee shop and sat at a table. A waitress put a glass of water in front of him. “How much is an ice cream sundae?”

“50 cents,” replied the waitress.

The little boy pulled his hand out of his pocket and studied a number of coins in it.

“How much is a dish of plain ice cream?” he inquired. Some people were now waiting for a table and the waitress was a bit impatient. “35 cents,” she said brusquely.

The little boy again counted the coins. “I’ll have the plain ice cream,” he said.

The waitress brought the ice cream, put the bill on the table and walked away. The boy finished the ice cream, paid the cashier and departed.

When the waitress came back, she began wiping down the table and then swallowed hard at what she saw.

There, placed neatly beside the empty dish, were 15 cents – her tip.

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Why are you here?

If you go for a job interview and the interviewer asks why are you here, you will surely tell him or her you are here for the specific position advertised. The Same with life. A specific position was advertised by the creator and you accepted to occupy that position.

So, why are you here on earth? What is your presence here on earth meant to accomplish? Look, if you don’t know what it is, then go back to the job advertiser for the answer.

Speak to your creator, and request to see the job offer and description again. Look, until you discover why you are here, your life will forever remain a mystery to you if you don’t do so.

This is your year, this is your season, you are sure to smile again.
You are bound for the top. I believe in you! I believe in your dreams. You are chosen for greatness! YOU’RE TRULY BORN TO WIN!

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The quality of your inner life drives the quality of your entire life

The kind of person you portray to world is exactly who you are inside. If the world is seeing you wrongly, it means your inner world is wired wrongly.

In other words, the quality of your inner life drives the quality of entire life. If you are poor internally, you won’t look rich or wealthy externally.

Therefore, personal development or self growth should be at the core of any human being life’s goals. To be courageous, you must build it from the inside.

To be loyal and honest, you must build that quality from within. To be the best sibling, you must build it from within.

Look, you will not have anything you have not become. In other words, the Secret to having success is becoming a success. Becoming is internal while having is external. Pursue personal development starting today.

List the things you want to have, describe the person you must become to have those items, and commit to learning and mastering the required traits.

Always remember, your entire life is a reflection of who you are from the inside.

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Speak what you know to be true

Speak what you know to be true about you all the time. I mean confess what you want to see happen to you and who God says you are. For example, the bible say let the poor say I am rich and the weak say I am strong. Physically you may not be rich but the truth is that you were born rich and soon that will manifest. Your job is to speak what will manifest for the truth. My dear, your words shape your world. If you always say negative things about, you will forever manifest those negative things. So why not do otherwise. Look, you have nothing to lose. Start saying what is true about you to you. Speak life. Confess goodness. Imagine greatness. Act accordingly with courage and confidence.