The power of self discipline

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The power of self discipline

Self discipline as I present it to you here, has reference not only to mastery of your negative habits which stand in the way of your success, but more particularly to your development and enforcement of the positive habits you will need in order to avail yourself of the six assets you brought over with you in that sealed envelope at birth.
Now let me give you a list of the most important things over which you have to exercise self discipline before you can embrace and use the great master key to riches.
You will have to gain mastery over your tongue by acquiring a habit of thinking first then speaking after you are sure that what you are about to say will benefit you and not injure others.
You will have to exercise self discipline and mastering the common tendency to strike back to those at whom you have disagreement either real or imaginary. You must remember that everything you do to or for another you do to or for yourself. Because your every thought and act which benefit or injure another person comes back to you in kind greatly modified.
You will have to exercise self discipline over all your emotions particularly emotions of love, hate, fear and sex. These are the bigger four of your emotions and they can make you or break you according to the extent of discipline you excise over them.
Your mental attitude needs discipline and control at all times. Lacking this discipline, it can drive away friends, destroy opportunities to get ahead, brings on physical and mental illness and makes peace of mind impossible.
I have reserved the emotion of sex for special mention. Because failure to exercise self discipline on this emotion is probably on top of the list of all personal failure. The emotion of sex is the most powerful of all emotions. And it’s the nature’s greatest creative instrument with which all species of living things are perpetuated. The proper mean of self discipline over the emotion of sex is transmutation, control and direction of this great emotion feeling towards where your purpose is such as the fulfillment of one’s major purpose in life.
Your stomach also needs discipline through the proper habits of dieting and fasting. Because information on dieting and fasting should come from your own doctor, I will not go into details on this subject, except to call your attention to the need for knowledge on this subject.
You will need to exercise self discipline in relation to religion and politics. Because the world we leave in today is made up of people of varying beliefs in connection to both of these subjects. To be happy and prosperous in this world, we must learn how to leave and to let leave. To give others the privileges we ask and demand for our selves. And this often calls for streaked discipline over self.
I have reserve till the last my reference to the most important circumstance over which you must exercise if you must embrace and use the great master key to riches. I have reference to your profound privilege of taking possession of your own mind and directing it to whatever ends you may desire. You cannot take possession of your own mind or direct it to definite ends without a practical system. Here is a system which does not call for a genius nor a great amount of formal education. It calls only for the will to take possession of one’s own mind and a definite purpose to which the mind should be directed. Self discipline by Thomas A Edison made him the world’s greatest inventor who revealed to mankind during the first half of the 20th century more of natures secretes which has been uncovered during the entire previous history of civilization.
Self discipline is on top of top ranking features of all the great religions including of course the Christian faith. And their some people who believe that our major purpose on earth is that of developing wisdom through straggle and not self discipline. One thing is certain. No one ever becomes very wise without the aid of self discipline. And no one ever finds peace of mind and happiness without a streaked exercise of self discipline. Self discipline is the only means of transmuting soul into faith. It’s the only means by which we may transmute the hatred of others in to the emotion of sympathy for them. It’s the only mean by which we may reveal and profit by the seed of an equivalent benefit which comes with every adversity and every defeat. It’s the only mean by which we may shut out our mind from the deadly effects of our past experiences of suffering and unpleasantness. And it’s the means by which we may discover that other self which we carry around with us. That self which has great capacity for belief and does not become influenced by failure and defeat. Self discipline can give us freedom from the fear of death which is the most difficult to master of all our fears. It can free us from the disease of hypochondria, which is the fear of imaginary illness which many people suffer and sometimes die. Self discipline is the means by which we may think our own thoughts, leave our own lives as we wish to leave them and remain forever free from the evils of fear and limitations which we have inherited from the dark ages before the time of civilization.
The creator never gives one an asset or benefit without passing along with it the means by which it may be embraced and used. Self discipline therefore, is the means by which the creator provided us with the method of embracing and using the only thing only which we have unchangeable control, the power of our own thought.
The principle of applied faith is your greatest asset from which you can tap and draw upon the supreme power which created you and runs this entire universe. I want you to remember it because it’s not something I am bringing to you, but it’s something you already posses. Although you may not have made use of it in the past. Now let me tell you what applied faith is and what you can do with it. Applied faith is the mental attitude where you may clear your mind of all fears and doubts and direct it to attainment of whatever you desire in life. You and I and every person were blessed with a privilege of complete control over but one thing and that is the exclusive right to take possession of our own mind and direct them to attainment of whatever we desire in life.
Applied faith is the mental attitude we must cultivate and maintain before we can take complete possession of our minds. It is the means by which we may break the seal of the envelope containing the riches you came with at birth and take full possession of all the forms of riches that we get in return for taking possession of our mind and use them.
Those riches are; sound health, peace of mind, a love of your choice, freedom from fear and worry, a positive mental attitude and material riches of your own choice and quantity. We are now at this very moment standing in front of the gate way which can only be opened with the great master key to success. And I am giving you the closest clue I have yet mentioned must how you may take this key In order that you may condition your mind to embrace and use applied faith, you must understand that their two ways in which you can use faith.
You can put it in the reverse gear and use it in the negative way by allowing your mind dwell upon circumstances and the things you do not want. Such as poverty, ill health, failure, defeat, and precisely this is what the majority of people do which explains why the majority of people go through life in misery and want. Or you can take possession of your mind and direct it to think of the riches came over with you in that sealed envelope and you will attract these riches to bless and serve you all through your life.
It’s a strange fact that most people make negative application of the great power of faith by thinking about and believing in poverty, ill health, fear, failure and defeat when it would be so easy for them just to change their thinking over to the circumstances and things they desire.
Now let me give you the description of one thing which represents the main difference between the successful person and the failure. Take this truth I am about to give you very serious because failure to understand it is the beginning of most failures.
Successful people in all occupations, all professions and all callings have one characteristic that distinguish them from the failures and that’s their capacity for believe. The failures see the hole in the donut but they don’t see the donut around the hole. The successful sees the hole also but they see the donut around the hole. Thomas A Edison believed that he can perfect and produce an electric lamp although he failed about 10000 times before he met with success. He made his belief to uncover the secret he was searching.
Give one guess on how many times an average person must fail before he quits, he fails just because of luck of the capacity for believe.
How many times can you meet with defeat before you give up your goals and quit?
Henry ford believed he could build himself a propelled vehicle which would take the place of the horse and buggy. And despite of the discouragement from his relatives and neighbor and luck of finances, he transmuted his believe into an industrial empire which changed the entire world. Mind you, ford did this with very little education and no operating capital to begin with. Write here let me ask you a question which may well change your entire life. Are you perhaps having an idea or a plan which would be useful to other people but you have done nothing about it because you luck self confidence to give you a start? In other words you now where Henry Ford was before he built his first modal of his world famous automobile. Mr. Ford broke through that wall of fear which may be now holding you back and put his idea into operations by making the use of the mastermind key principle through the alliance with his wife.
Now the question I wish to ask you is this; why don’t you form a mastermind alliance with someone and begin putting your ideas to work for you? Belief is truly a magical word because it’s the beginning of all successes. It’s the very foundation of civilization. It’s the one quality you must develop before you can make use of the great master key to success. To be successful you must become a person with a great capacity for belief. And the place to start believing is with yourself. You should begin by recognizing that you were born with the privilege of complete control of your own mind. You should also recognize that by application of the master key to success which I am passing to you, you can take full possession of your mind and make it yield you whatever you demand in life. Observe I use the word demand not beg. The creator never intended for you to beg anything. If he had, he wouldn’t have blessed you with full control of your own mind. If your life is not what you want it to be, you can change it. As a matter of fact, you can do anything within reason that you desire to do if you embrace the principle of applied faith and you keep it directed to attainment of the things you want and off the things you do not want.
I know what I am talking about because I was handicapped at birth by strong tragedies which keep most people locked in all the days of their lives. And that is poverty, fear, illiteracy and superstition.
I have discovered the master key which gives one the deliverance from all evils one does not want and opens the gate way to the riches which the creator intended every person to enjoy on this earth.
Applied faith is the only means by which the master key can be appropriated and used there for, I give you these instructions through which you may create a mental attitude which is favorable for the expression of faith;
One, know what you want and believe that you can and you will get it.
Two, give expressions of gratitude many times daily for having received that which you want even before you actually get a physical possession of it. Possession starts first in the mind, please remember that!
Third, keep your mind open to hunches from within and when you are inspired to action, do not wait but move on your personal initiative at once. Remember there can be no application of applied faith without action.
Fourth, when you are over taken by defeat as you maybe many times, remember that mans faith is tested many times before he is crown with final victory. And accept your defeat as nothing more than a challenge to keep on trying.
And five, a burning desire for the things or circumstances you want is the starting point of all applied faith. Be definite, believe and act. And keep on acting if at first you meet with defeat.
Six, when doubt comes in your mind, remember that whatsoever a man believeth, that shall also leap. Remember faith is not something you get, faith is something you already have but you may be using it in reverse gear by believing in circumstances and things you do not want and the thing you fear. Remember also that faith is guidance only. It is not a power that will bring you what you want, but a power that can guide you to go after what you want and get it. Remember too that your faith is limited only by your own capacity to believe. You can do whatever you make up your mind to do.
Believe and you shall receive.

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