what you need to do to maintain your brilliance every single day!

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what you need to do to maintain your brilliance every single day!

We are all looking to improve our performance in some way. and it doesn’t real matter what kind of result we are talking about. whether we are talking about sporting results, business results, academic performance, relationship performance,sexual performance whatever we are talking about is going to be improved if you focus on people’s BEHAVIORS.
So we have to do things differently in order to get different results. but still behaviors is not enough, because some times people know exactly what to do but they don’t do it. A sales person for example knows exactly what to do to make thousands of sales ie to make a thousand calls but he does not do it for some reasons like ” its not the right time, its Friday evening, i feel like its not the right time and some on…” so its not enough just to focus only on what you can see on the surface “on behaviors”, you have to get a grip on whats inside of individuals. why people do what they do..??! if you real want to change performance and be brilliant every single day, you have to know of the inside by knowing what is driving behaviors and that’s how people THINK. Because what you think determines what you do. so, if some one thinks you are an idiot, is not going to do what you tell him to do. so its important to get a grip on what he or she thinks about you. if you don’t do that, you will not get what you want. so you have to know what people think about you, about things and about the world. But even if you did, its not enough. because there is something more fundamental driving how people think and that’s how people FEEL. in fact both thinking and feeling affect each other. but the dominant factor is feeling. but still that is not enough because something more fundamental drives how you feel, and that’s your emotion. So you have to change your emotions in order to change your feelings in order to change the thinking.
some people think emotions and feelings and the same but they are not. so if you want to change the results there are multiple levels but even if you have the grip with the emotions still its not enough. there is something even more fundamental down in the basement of a human system called your physiology. so if you concentrate only on behaviors, you miss the fundamentals or the technical parts that drive the ball. so if you want to be brilliant and maintain the brilliancy every single moment, you have to get a grip on every single level.
So lets talk about each from the bottom to the top.
physiology: this is just stream of data of whats coming into your brain about whats going on into your body. maybe you had a cake for breakfast and you got signals from your gut to the brain informing that you that you got sugar. so when you get some contraction from that cake, you get pressure waves being created telling your brain about whats going on in your gut. so those are just data streams and some of you write or type and you have joint position senses going to nerve channels in to your brain telling your brain about where your fingers are! they are just bits of physiology. streams of data if you will.
So whats an emotion, if you take all the streams of data whether its coming from your gut or your joints or your heart or your lungs, if you take the data from all the streams and comes to your brain as electrical signals, electro magnetic signals, chemical waves, pressure waves, take all those signals from all those systems and that’s what an emotion is. its simply “energy in motion” so every moment every day there is an energetic state going through us because we are constantly digesting, breathing in and out, the heart constantly beating, its happening all the time.
Now feelings are the awareness in our mind of the emotions. and the emotion is always there but some times we may not feel it. but its always there. if you take the most common experience of most people for example, what is the energetic signature if you will, of something like anxiety? what goes on physiologically when you are in a state of anxiety? first all the heart is first, the mouth dries, also sweating in the palm of your hand. so those are some of the specific physiological constriction of the emotion that you would know as anxiety. so all our data is always there but you just don’t feel it and if you are not feeling it, its altering what you thinking and how well you are thinking it, what changes what you are doing and you don’t realize that because you feel like everything is OK. so to be brilliant every day you need to tune in everyday to whats happening on the physiological and emotional level and not only get aware of it but also get control of it because most people don’t have the control of those two levels” physiological and emotional.”

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