keeping your inner critics quiet

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keeping your inner critics quiet

The very day you say yes to your dream, you at the same time open the door to your critics to get on your case.

You get criticized not only by people outside but by yourself. Your inner critics will start probing you.

Your inner critics will start to remind you of all the reasons why saying yes to your dream is wrong. My dear, today I want you to be aware of your inner critics and find ways to shut them out.

Take statistic of why most people are still wallowing at the bottom of life, you will realize they allowed their inner critics to talk them out of their dreams.

Look, if you don’t devise strategies to keep them silent, they will talk you out of dreams. They will kill your dreams and keep you at the bottom forever.

One of the sure ways to keeping your inner critics quiet is assuming the status of an optimist extraordinaire.

That is becoming an extraordinary positive person. You see, there something magical about taking a stand with positivity.

It’s not only that you get to silence your inner critics, you position yourself to embrace all the difficulties and challenges that are sure to come with your dreams. My dear, dream building is 70% to 80% personal development.

It’s about you becoming the kind of person who is capable of handling all the things life will throw at you. The truth is that no matter who you are, life will surely throw things at you and if your state of mind is not positively wired, you will fall and stay down there forever.

My dear winner, you have to take your personal development seriously. You must decide today to embark on the optimist extraordinary status assumption journey.

You dream is worth more than that. My dear winner, you cannot allow your inner critics talk you out of working on your dreams and reaching your greatness. You can do this, my dear. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Take that step NOW.

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Think like a winner.

There’s no doubt that if you change your thoughts, your life will change. Lots of people want to be great but they will never be because they keep thinking like chickens.
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