What you must do to keep your mind positive.

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What you must do to keep your mind positive.

These simple words may bring the most important change in your life you have ever experience.
Learn to adjust yourself to other people’s state of mind and difficulties so as to get along peacefully with them and re-frame from taking notice of tribune circumstance in your relationship with other people by refusing to allow them to become controversial incidence. Great people always avoid small incidences of controversy when possible.

Establish for yourself a definite system of conditioning your mind at the beginning of each day so you will keep it positive at all circumstances.

Learn the art of selling yourself to other people by indirection. Such as asking leading questions which will bring reaction from others which you desire. And do not permit yourself to be drawn in to arguments over unimportant subject.

Adapt a habit of having a laugh every time you are irritated or angry. And it will help you if you begin each day with one minute of loud laughing. This will change the chemistry of your brain and start out with a positive mental attitude.

Start each day with an expression of gratitude for all the adversities, defeats and failures which you have experienced in the past. Then give thanks for the blessings you expect to receive during the day.

Learn to concentrate your attention on the can do potion of your problems and desires and start the action where you stand in carrying out this potion. And no matter what may be your problem or your desire, there is always something you can do right now that will help you. Find out this something and do it.

Learn to transmute all unpleasant circumstance into immediate action which cause for a positive mental attitude. And make this a fixed habit. For example when you are angry, switch mind in some thought of action with a hobby or your major purpose in life. And keep it busy with that subject for about 5 minutes.

Look upon your life as a continuous process of education of learning from all your experiences good and bad. And always be on the alert gains of wisdom which comes in both of your pleasant and unpleasant experiences.

Express gratitude twice dairy for your recognition of the fact that you have been given complete control over your own mind. And ask for guidance in order that you may use this profound gift wisely in all your thoughts and acts.

Go out of your way daily to comment enthusiastically on the good qualities of those with whom you work. But do not mention their negative qualities. Then, observe with benefit to yourself how quickly others will begin to concentrate on your good qualities. Remember I am still talking about how to keep your mind positive.

Accept all criticism of yourself as an occasion for self examination to determine how much of it is justified and you will be sure to begin finding discoveries about yourself which will help you for the rest of your life.

Do not accept from life what you do not desire. And remember that mahatma ghandi proved to himself to be more powerful than the British military forces by this simple method of passive resistance.

Remember always that their two kinds of circumstances which cause you to worry. Those you can do something about and those you can do nothing about.

Keep your mind internally engaged and thinking about that you desire most or your major purpose in life. So no time will be left for you to waste on thinking of that you do not want.

If you should ever be so unfortunate as to feel sorry for yourself, look around till you find someone who is worse than yourself and start where you stand to give him help. Make this procedure a habit and you will witness one of the great miracles of life. Because what you to or for another, you do to or for yourself.

Choose some person whom you consider to be the person you would want to be, and then go to work and emulate that person in every way possible. Great people have been always been hero worshipers. But they pick the right people to emulate.

Cultivate your tone of voice so that your words have a pleasing musical sound. And remember that the sound of your voice is an open window through which other people look in to your very soul. It will be a profitable investment if you get a tape recorder and record samples of your voice daily while you practicing the art of expressing yourself through a friendly sounding voice. If you are engaged in selling, this practice will give you valuable results.

Write out this sentence and pin it in your office or anywhere in a permanent place or a mirror where you can see yourself: whatever a mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. Remember also that you are the only person that can provide you with a positive mental attitude. What are you going to do about it? On your answer to this question rest your entire future.