Why are you here?

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Why are you here?

If you go for a job interview and the interviewer asks why are you here, you will surely tell him or her you are here for the specific position advertised. The Same with life. A specific position was advertised by the creator and you accepted to occupy that position.

So, why are you here on earth? What is your presence here on earth meant to accomplish? Look, if you don’t know what it is, then go back to the job advertiser for the answer.

Speak to your creator, and request to see the job offer and description again. Look, until you discover why you are here, your life will forever remain a mystery to you if you don’t do so.

This is your year, this is your season, you are sure to smile again.
You are bound for the top. I believe in you! I believe in your dreams. You are chosen for greatness! YOU’RE TRULY BORN TO WIN!